Permanent Style – Edward Green


Simon Crompton, Founder of Permanent Style – the UK authority on classic and luxury menswear – asked us to create a video series on how to maintain and look after your clothes.

These videos needed to be informative and of the highest quality – representing the luxury brands that were to be showcased in each video.


Our focus was on creating a format that looked artisan and crafted, whilst also providing genuine advice to people.

We combined an informative interview/voice-over with Simon and high quality shots (all shot within a short timeframe and within a tight budget!).


For the first in a series, we collaborated with Simon and English shoemaker Edward Green to create a video on maintaining good leather shoes. Second was working with Valstar jackets and discussing how to maintain suede.

These videos have all been re-formatted and edited this video into a series of mini videos for Facebook and Instagram. So far, the series is doing well with several thousand views across the different channels.