Martin Miller’s Gin – Perfect Serve


The gin industry has quite literally exploded in the past few years. Literally hundreds of categories and flavours from every far-flung corner of the globe, are now jostling for centre stage on every back-bar and supermarket shelf in the UK.

But just how does one drink the modern day gin?? Luckily, we just happen to be friends with one of the worlds most awarded gins of the past decade, Martin Miller’s Gin.


Working closely with our friends at Martin Miller’s, we created a series of how-to videos, giving step-by-step guidance on how to make gin cocktails, from the perfect G&T to the classic Negroni.

Shooting both slow motion and real time footage and editing with a strong focus on sound design, the end result was a series of engaging videos designed to illustrate exactly how to turn your favourite gin drinks into a cocktail bar experience.


Alongside the main videos, we created a series of teaser assets, created in both 16:9 and portrait formats for use across multiple social channels.

Being picked up predominantly in the UK and Spain, the series has done exceptionally well, producing thousands of views and likes across the series.