Land Rover Explore


Technology company Bullitt Group worked with Land Rover to create a rugged mobile phone for ‘weekend adventures’. The Land Rover Explore is packed full of features for those who love the outdoors. Our brief was to create content that inspired people – videos that would launch the phone across a number of different markets and generate online interest quickly.


We worked with four contributors in the key markets around the globe – UK, Greece, Switzerland and Slovenia. The contributors were people who embodied this spririt of adventure – mountaineers, kayakers and adventurers – people whose stories were inspiring and motivating.

We created a library of content from each contributor – including a mini-documentary style video for each telling their story, product videos which focused on aspects of the phone they liked and various different foreign language edits for the different markets.


The content we created is being drip-fed across social media and in the different markets. Final results will be in the next few weeks once all the content is live but currently videos are performing well and getting lots of engagement – predominantly on Youtube with over 250K views and strong engagement.