Clear Channel – Adshel Live


Outdoor advertising is just boring billboards right? Wrong! Check out the incredible Adhshel Live boards from Clear Channel.

Boasting full motion in high-definition and mobile connectivity, these boards are at the cutting edge of the outdoor arena. So when Clear Channel asked us to make a video showcasing the Adshel capabilities we were all over it.


We really wanted to emulate the uber modern and premium feel of the Adshel Live boards.

Using a combination of kinetic typography, a 3D model of the board and an up-front music bed, we created an attention grabbing 60 second video, highlight the boards main features and audience types. We created a video designed to position Adhsel as the only outdoor options for major brands.


The resulting video instantly became Clear Channels forerunning video for 2018. The first of it’s kind in the out-of-home arena, the video has gone down a storm, not just with Clear Channel but also with brands, who absolutely love it.