Stop. In the name of Pants.

Stop. In the name of Pants.
07/02/2019 Itch

Every so often a brief comes in at Itch HQ which is one of those dream briefs. In this instance it was a pair of dreamy briefs (bad pun, but I couldn’t help myself!).

This was one of those times: a stop-frame animation for a new underwear subscription service from luxury men’s underwear and loungewear company Hamilton & Hare! This was a chance to create a truly unique and quirky video that would really stand out and engage with their customers.

The first thing to say: stop-frame animation takes time.

It involves a lot of pre-planning. For this particular video, we were looking at a total length of approximately 60 seconds in which to create 6 sequences including separate titles – all of which would be stop-frame.

We wanted to do everything in real time stop-frame rather than ‘cheat’ in post. That meant we had to calculate exactly how many frames were needed for each sequence and take the required number of photographs – luckily we have a couple of mathematicians on the team who worked this all out.

For this project, we also needed to recreate the Hamilton and Hare website. This meant dabbling in a bit of arts and crafts. One of the newest additions to team Itch, Carolina – spent a couple of days cutting out coloured card and laser printing letters to create a stripped-back and simplified version of the website. This allowed us to show the process of taking monthly subscription in a few easy steps.

The shoot itself took 3 full days. It was painstaking work, moving the underwear and lettering around by millimetres in order to get the effect that they were moving on their own. We used a bit of software that ‘ghosted’ the image, allowing us to see the positioning of the last shot and move it to get the effect we were looking for.

It involved a lot of concentration, but the end result is looking great. Watch this space for the final video!