2020 – Tech and Trends

2020 – Tech and Trends
03/01/2020 Itch Media

Christmas is over, that John Lewis advert is a distant memory and we’re all stuffed on brussels sprouts and turkey-substitute. It’s now time to knuckle down and look at the tech and trends in video marketing that will be coming around the corner in 2020.


Last year everyone dipped their toes into 360 with mixed results. But in 2020 this is going to become a ‘thing’. Why? Well as usual, it’s down to the tech. We’ve seen a flurry of much improved 360 cameras recently launched with GoPro releasing the ‘Max’ and on a more professional level the Insta360 Pro 2.

Shooting in 360 allows for a ‘timewarp’ effect – which means you can speed through the space being filmed and focus in on areas of interest. In a nutshell – if you’re shooting a wide space, it looks great! And for all those brands that manage large spaces, 360 is an obvious way to go to capture events, experiential or advertising campaigns.

Personalisation and focused targeting

Personalisation in marketing clearly works. Of companies already doing some form of personalisation, 80% found it more effective that un-personalised content (Demand Metric report). So, as data capture and analysis tools improve (tools such as HubSpot), personalisation will become more important for brands.

Combined with pinpoint focused targeting on social platforms, this means we will undoubtedly see a rise in video content more uniquely personalised in 2020.

Interactive Instagram stories

Instagram stories is already huge. But 2020, we’re going to see a lot more creative application within stories and a big part of that will be applying interactive elements. Using in-built polls, votes or Q&As – these are all elements that brands are using to engage their audience.

The brands that are really killing it creatively, are building in unique ‘tapping’ experiences. Red Bull have nailed this – the first campaign we saw that really used this effectively was ‘Tap to land the snowboard’ – which enabled users to do just that – tap to land a snowboard! We were gripped.

N.B. There are over 500 million daily active stories users worldwide – and this is growing. Ad spend on stories is still not as high as on the feed itself, but it appears to be doubling year on year (20% on overall Instagram ad spend was on Stories in 2019 compared to 10% the year before, according to Kenshoo quarterly trend report). We think Stories and IGTV is going to continue to grow in 2020.


We tend to steer clear from hyped-up platforms but TikTok’s explosion in the last year makes it hard to ignore. For those who don’t know, TikTok is short-form mobile video platform and its ‘mission’ is to ‘inspire creativity and bring joy’. On last count, it has over 500 million active users worldwide.

Some predict it will go the way of Vine – but with influencers and brands jumping on the platform, we think it’s worth keeping an eye on for 2020.

FPV Drones

There is a bit of a revolution happening right now in the world of drones. Within the production world, there has been one dominant industry leader – DJI – who have produced a series of fantastic cinema drones. The focus of these drones is on the quality of the camera.

In contrast, first-person view (fpv) drones are built for racing – the camera has always been secondary. They are built for speed and racing. The upshot of this, is truly amazing cinematography (albeit filmed on a sub-standard camera). As with most things tech, things usually get better and this is the case with fpb drones – the cameras are getting better! Our prediction: 2020 we’re going to see some amazing cinematography shot on fpv drones.


Like Monzo is to banking, Blackmagic is the video industry’s ‘disruptor’ and in 2019 they released an affordable, lightweight camera with a Super 35 sensor which shoots in 6K. For those that don’t know what 6K means: it is essentially a much higher resolution of image.

There are drawbacks to this camera (you can only use the 6K footage with Blackmagic’s own DaVinici Resolve software for example) – but it has set the tone for the coming year. We see a move towards 6K and are excited about the next releases from Sony and Canon.

Edit Speed

Finally, this isn’t really anything new – but we see a move towards much speedier turnarounds in 2020. As technology improves, production turnaround will speed up.

The latest release from editing software giant Adobe Premier includes an ‘auto reframe’ functionality. This applies intelligent re-framing on an edit to fit it to vertical, square and 16:9 – for all social media outputs. There are limitations to this, but we think edit functionality will continue to advance, cutting down the edit time required. Something all clients will love to hear!