CAT Rugged Phones

The Challenge

CAT rugged phones approached us to produce a creative campaign for Halloween – based around the concept that their phone is so tough it would survive a zombie apocalypse!

The Solution

Working with the team at CAT, we developed a concept that saw a group of zombies utilising one of the cameras key features – the thermal imaging camera – which, as everyone knows, would only pick up humans, not zombies! We staged a zombie apocalypse filmed our hero trying to escape from a hoard of hungry zombies. All content was launched in time for a creepy Halloween campaign with the hashtag #ZomBeUnstoppable

The Result

The films performed well on social media and were even picked up by press in both Poland and Slovenia (two key markets for the CAT phone). The content was re-formatted for different social channels and worked well on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook generated thousands of views and shares.


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